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When you sign up for violin lessons with me, you can expect an experience that is fun and challenging for both parent and child.  In my 25 years of teaching, I have learned to work with students of all ages, learning styles, and personalities - that’s what keeps it fun and challenging for me too!  I have had the privilege of working with many of my students from a very young age until college, so the relationships we develop are very special. 


Children playing violin in a park

Suzuki Community

Children playing violin at a baseball game
Joining Ms. Sonja's violin studio is much more than just private lessons and practicing at home with a parent.  We form a community, and students of all ages and levels gather for group lessons, recitals, and unique social experiences.  Past activities have included playing holiday music in retirement homes, playing the national anthem for a local ball game, a play-in in the park, parent education sessions, and busking downtown to raise money for a good cause.  By connecting with other families, and the community as a whole, students develop empathy, character, and camaraderie.  Violin is a very social instrument: you can take it with you anywhere, play with all size groups and mixed ages/levels, and you can walk around and smile, talk, and interact with others while playing. 
Violin student concert
Violin lesson in a park
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